Street N° 57, Toul Ta Ek, Otakom 2 / Battambang ( 5 minutes far from the Central Market by Tuk-Tuk)


                (+855) (0) 53 656 2000

                (+855) (0) 77 991 384


Access to  Battambang:

– From Phnom Penh

By road, 4 hours by taxi or private car or 5 hours by bus.

Regular Daily lines operated by several buses companies (Capitol tour- departure from Capitol Guest House’s  of Phnom Penh), GST, Ho Wah Genting (departure from the Central Market of Phnom Penh). One of the most beautiful landscape of Cambodia as it is said!

– From Siem Reap

By road: 2.30 hours by taxi or private car.

By boat: approximately 6 hours from July to March (till 9 hours-10 hours between April and June). To try out absolutely if you can with recommended solar cream!

 – From Bangkok and Poipet

By road : 4 hours by bus or 3 hours by taxi / private car from Bangkok to Poipet, then 1.40 hours by taxi / private car on good road conditions.

– From Pailin

Coming from Thailand, possible border crossing by the road of Pailin to Battambang.


Access to come to Au Cabaret Vert

In Battambang, ask the first tuktuk you cross and tell the driver :  ” Cabaret Vert ” and he will drive you there as quick as possible!



See Google Map below :







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