Eco Friendly

Our 10 Commitments for Sustainable Development

At AU CABARET VERT, we are commited to sustainable development and a low carbon footprint.

There are some of the steps we take to meet this commitment:

1. Au Cabaret Vert offers the first natural and environment-friendly pool in Cambodia. The water of the 55m² pool is entirely filtered by special plants in a separate basin. This means no added chemicals and a water which is soft and does not damage your skin.

2. The garden is watered by rain water recovered during the monsoon and also by a well.

3. The furniture is made ​​from “legal” wood and by Battambang carpenters.

4. New lamps use energy saving lightbulbs.

5. The room’s insulation keep costs down and limit the use of air conditioning.

6. Most of the food served at the restaurant comes from local market and organic producers.

7. A vegetable garden is developed to grow bio fruits and vegetables.

8. We sort waste for recycling, and entrust them to a specialized company (Cintri), which has developed a policy of responsible handling
through sorting, composting, and a recycling plant project.

9. We offer tours of Battambang and surrounding areas highlighting local artisans and  humanitarian associations whom we trust.

10. At the Bar, we are promoting the local products: coffee, tea, fruit juice, sparkling water.






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